rear breaks worn out?

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Nov 9, 2016
San Jose, CA
A couple of months ago I took my 2019 e-Golf SE to a VW dealer for its 40k miles service. I was in a rush when I dropped off the car and accepted the repairs they suggested. They said the rear breaks are worn out and need to be replaced. Obviously, I was not thinking clearly. In hindsight, I should have never accepted that. This is an electric car, I am the only driver, and I use regenerative breaking religiously. The mechanical breaks kick only in at the very end of a break cycle to bring the car to a full stop (or in case of emergency breaking of course). There is no way the mechanical breaks could have been worn out, especially not the rear breaks. I ended up with a $1,187 invoice, and I had to wait a few extra days because they had to order a special tool that is required to replace the rear breaks on an e-Golf.

Did you have ever had to replace the rear breaks? What is your opinion about wear and tear of the mechanical breaks of an electric car?
At 70,000 miles and still on original brakes all around. I have noticed more brake dust on rear wheels, suggested most of low speed friction braking is done by rears, since I drive in B mode all the time and regen does vast majority of braking for me. I am going to get a tire rotation soon and will ask about pad depth.