Car stopped while driving. "Error: 12V battery not charging"

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Mar 30, 2015
I was driving in downtown San Francisco today around 12:30pm. I was stopped at a stoplight, then pressed the accelerator pedal, then the car didn't move. The dash and infotainment were all still operable, but the car wouldn't move. It wouldnt even let me turn the car off. Also, power steering turned off. Pressed the roadside assistance button on the car ceiling, and a person responded within a few seconds. After explaining the situation, he contacted a local tow company to come get me. I was luckily able to push the car off to the side of the intersection (Stockton and Post) wight he help of another passerby, so it was reasonably out of the traffic and crosswalk. The flatbed tow truck loaded the car and we were dropped off at Boardwalk Auto in Redwood City (26 miles away), which is where I got the car a few weeks ago. It has 1330 miles, and it had 64 miles of range available at the time when it stopped.

The initial error was "Error: 12V battery not charging". The tow person was able to actually stop and restart the car by jumping the 12V battery by attaching a portable battery charger to the 12V car battery. But it had the same error, and then another error "Error: Electrical System Stopped"

Car is at the dealer now, and will find out more tomorrow. Scary situation, but actually a fairly good outcome considering. It definitely could've been much worse (freeway driving, middle of the night, road trip, bad weather, etc.).

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Edit: I found a few other similar incidents on the "VW e-golf" Facebook private group. I'll report back on info I get from service/dealer.

March 24th post by Tony Burnett:

You can also see my post on the facebook group here:
I too had this happen to me tw days ago. Dealer has car, with no idea what's wrong.

I had the same symptom. After extensive diagnosis/troubleshooting and testing, the following fixes were done:
- For the 'Recuperation Error', the Electronic Control Module (JX1 Module) was replaced
- For the '12V battery not charging' error, they applied a software update

They applied the update in January and I haven't observed it since.