charging port cover

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Feb 29, 2020
Hi folks,

I just picked up one of these little guys:


it attaches to the car with magnets and keeps all kinds of crap out of the charging port when you've got the cable attached. This morning there was 3cm of snow on the car, but the port (and charger) was clear and dry. It's a bit awkward, but like anything else you kinda get used to using it.

Let me know if there is interest and I'll share the link to the website.
Stonefly or Caddis,

I charge in a garage or Man Cave, so there's already a means of keeping crap out of the charge port.

But that does look like a good find for those in wet or frozen charging environments.

Don't make people ask, just post up the link, as long as you have no association with the business.
I have one of these, too, that I use in New England winters when snow, sleet, or ice is in the forecast. Keeps the charging port from filling up with ice and snow. Very handy and highly recommended for anyone who regularly charges outside in cold weather.
For those who are interested, I found the product.