Battery charge port cover (door) latch INOP and charging socket locking INOP

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Jan 20, 2018
SoCal (Costa Mesa)
Greetings forum members.

Here's an interesting story to start the weekend.

Our battery charge door latch (actuator) finally gave up the ghost last week so I decided to exercise our comprehensive warranty and get it replaced today. Done deal - all is good. By the way, same thing happened on our other Mk6 Golf a few year back.

While I was discussing the problem with the service advisor, I mentioned that the charging cable plug latches to the female socket but does not lock when the vehicle is locked. Can't recall when it started not locking cause most of my charging is at home. After an hour of a technician troubleshooting, he confirmed what I thought all along, that the latching / locking mechanism need to be replaced. Of course, the advisor contacted Century and wouldn't you know the charging socket assy is on their exclusion list...dooh!!! My comprehensive warranty covers all mechanical and electrical failures except if the component is installed in the charging assy. That sucks . $2800 to r&r (not worth it for me.

Anyone else experience something like this?
There are discussion about the J1772 vehicle inlet locking pin on this forum. You might want to try silicone oil to lubricate the pin.

Are you able to charge your e-Golf?
If it charges, then I’d say it’s not a problem. Just do not pull out the J1772 plug while charging or you may get a spark.
f1geek said:
If it charges, then I’d say it’s not a problem. Just do not pull out the J1772 plug while charging or you may get a spark.

The moment that I push the black unlock button, the charging stops. In fact, this is a safety feature.
So no shock worry. I have verified this every day for the last 3 years.
Again the latching barb works and latches in the socket. It’s the locking pin that doesn’t.
By barb, do you mean the moveable latch on the J1772 plug?

Sounds like you are in good shape. Charge on!
Thanks! Out of curiosity, what model year is your e-Golf? Does it have a CCS vehicle inlet (for DCFC and AC charging)? The threads on this forum have indicated when the e-Golf charge inlet locking pin breaks, the computer will not allow charging. You are clearly not having a charging problem, so I wonder how the computer has been fooled.
We have the ‘16 SE
Funny, yesterday visited a friend who has the same model and I verified the same behavior. That is, it latches but does not lock while the car is locked. In other words, I can disconnect the plug from the socket while the vehicle is locked.

Latching means audible click Barb engages,
But does it have DCFC? I believe the 2016 SE without DCFC does not have an inlet locking pin, based on pictures I've seen of the vehicle inlet. If there is no pin, then this topic is moot.
I can confirm that the 2016 SE without DCFC doesn't have a locking pin, so the handle does not lock while charging.

I never had a problem with sparking when removing the handle during L1 or L2 charging. I think the locking pin is just a safety feature when using DCFC.

And honestly I'd like to disable it on my 2019 SE. I regularly have to plug in the handle 2 or 3 times before the locking pin engages properly. When it engages on the first try it feels like winning the lottery, or having every stoplight timed perfectly on the commute home.
Good to hear. That means VW properly implemented the J1772 protocol on cars without DCFC. Based on comments in this forum, the protocol is not correctly implemented on cars with a CCS port. I doubt there is an easy way to disable locking and since the protocol requires locking to prevent sparking, I don't think it is a good idea to stop the lock from working.

Did you try lubricating the locking pin?
Yup, I've tried lubricating the locking pin with silicone spray and using compressed air to clean out the pin, per other threads here with the problem.

What happens is that the 1st or 2nd time I plug it in, I hear quiet clicks from the charging port then the light turns steady yellow indicating that no current is flowing. After two or three attempts, I'll hear a loud click from the engine compartment, then the locking pin will engage and the car will start to charge.

This behavior has been consistent across a variety of L1 and L2 chargers for the two years I've owned my 2019 SE.

I'll take it in to the dealer to get checked out before the warranty period runs out next year. I've just been waiting until I've had to take it in for a regular service.
Followup: my trouble with having to plug in the charger several times was in fact a lubrication issue with the locking pin, as f1geek said.

I pulled out the silicon spray again and applied what I felt was a ridiculous amount of silicon to the locking pin, first with the charging handle unplugged then up, down, and all around when the charging handle was plugged in.

It's been a month now, and it has started to charge the first time I plug in the handle every time.

Thanks f1geek!