Charging with Zappi & Octopus Intelligent HELP!!!!!!!

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New member
Nov 28, 2023
Morning everyone, please please can someone help me with some advice. I have a 2019 eGolf, and to charge the car I have used the scheduling setup via the Myenergi app which to be fair has been fairly faultless for the last year. I've had a nightmare of a time moving over to the Octopus Intelligent tarrif (to get cheap electricity between 11.30pm - 5.30am). The issue I'm repeatedly having is, when I plug my eGolf in and tell it how much charge I'd like to add it comes up with its own charging schedule, this I have no problem with. However, when i come to the car in the morning, almost every time I get a notification on my phone from Octopus saying "unable to control your device). Then when I check the Myenergi app I get the "egg timer" symbol and it says "charge delayed". I have no charging schedules set on either the car or the Myenergi app as I've deactivated both as per the instructions from Octopus. What Myenergi and Octopus have both said is when I plug my eGolf in for me to press the charge now button when I plug my ev in and this will hand control over to the charging schedule set by Octopus. I've no idea if this is right or not.

Can anyone shed any light on what's going wrong or whT I'm doing wrong as I'm at the point where I can't charge my ev how I'd like.

Any advice would be really appreciated,