Dealer Costs for 8 year/100K Warranty

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May 11, 2016
I have a 2019 eGolf coming off a 3 year lease and I definitely plan to purchase the vehicle.
I also plan to purchase an 8 year/100k VW extended warranty to run parallel with the factory 8 year/100k warranty on the high voltage battery pack.

The last quote I had was approximately $2,200 for the 8 year/100k VW extended warranty.

I wanted to see what other owners were being quoted for 8 year/100k VW extended warranty?

-Supposedly everything but the main battery.
Maintenance items such as tires and brake pads are excluded.
-Actually the 8yr/100K warranty was quoted at $2,660
-The 8yr/80k is $2,225
Thanks. High voltage power train warranty is good for 5 yrs/60k miles.

On this forum there have been one or two mentions of the charge port inlet needing replacement, which costs ~$2000, from my recollection, but you should verify. Still, I think it is a rare issue and not sure if it happened on 2019s.

I have almost 50,000 miles on may car at 4,5 years and no issues.

Only you can decide if it is worth it.
Of course your risk tolerance is up to you, but if you consider the differences between an internal combustion engine (explosions, recirculating lubrication, separate up and down motions to round and round) to and an electric motor (magnets and a spinning shaft), there is so much less that can go wrong with an EV. The quoted prices seems excessive.