e-golf charging ending prematurely.

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May 29, 2015
I am using the OEM charger to charge our egolf and seems to keep stopping prematurely. I set everything up, lock the car, green light on the car is pulsing, etc.. and a come out a little while later (~1hr) the charger power light is on, but it is not charging. Set everything up again, come out a little while later and, again, it has stopped charging. Has anyone else experienced this?
What is the charge level on the instrument panel before and after? Did you set the charge level in CarNet? At one time, there was a setting for the maximum charge level, so you could charge to 90%, for example, if you wanted to. I don't know if that setting is still there. You could also try a public charging station to see if it will fully charge there. If it is really not charging to full on the OEM cord, then there is a problem and you should take it to a dealer for investigation.
The test to see if it is an issue with the scheduled charging or programmed charge limit is to do connect the charger and then immediately hit the top "immediate charge" button. That will override the saved settings and charge to 100%.