E-Golf Malfunction

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May 22, 2015
Would be interested if any other owner has experienced this problem.

We recently purchased our E-Golf and it has around 500 miles on it. While the car was powered on, an 'electrical system error' appeared on the screen and the car would no longer drive. The electrical system worked and car was on but it would no longer drive. Powering car off/on did not work.

Long story short, car was towed to the dealership. We were told by the dealership service department that diagnostic was that 'power button was pressed' which was not the case. Service department explained that although the power button may not have been pressed, that was the diagnostic. Couple days later they called and told us that 'firmware was updated' and car was ready for pick. We asked for cause of malfunction, non was given. Case was sent to VW Service. A week later we were told that 'car is now functioning, under warranty, and any additional measures needs to be taken outside of VW', When asked if this was legal action, response from VW Service Manager Libby A. was 'that is up to you' (or something to that effect).

Since no explanation was given for the malfunction, my wife no longer wanted to drive the car and felt unsafe (car was towed late in evening when I was out of town, took a long time for tow truck to drive, my son had to be taken home, ride had to be arranged from the dealer etc.) The dealership (Capitol VW in San Jose, CA) had similar response to VW. They cannot 'relieve us from financial responsibility for the car' and they have done everything necessary under warranty. I spoke to sales manager, service manager, all the way up to the GM of the dealership. All very polite but no action, no compensation offered for car being out of service for 10 days while I had to arrange for other transportation and the 50 miles or so that they put on it for test driving. Overall really bad experience.

Wanted to share and if anyone else has had similar situation.
So, no loaner car was made available to you? When my e-Golf was in service for 3 days at Sunnyvale for my list of things that were wrong with the car (mostly Car-Net related) a loaner car was offered when they did not have it completed on the first day.

IMHO, any warranty work that cannot be completed on the first day should have a loaner paid by the manufacturer. I would call Libby back and ask if you can be reimbursed for your substitute transportation you paid for during the period that the car was being serviced. If they did not get a claim from the dealership, I would think that it could be arranged.

Beyond that, I don't think you have legal recourse until the car has been in the shop for 30 days, triggering the California Lemon Law. If it were me, I would trade cars with my wife and prove it out for a couple months, building confidence that the car will not break down again. If it did break down, I am more able to deal with it.

I had a similar symptom 3 weeks after taking delivery. After multiple visits, VW Service has put in a fix for the 'Recuperation Error' by replacing the Electronic Control Module (JX1 Module) and performing a firmware update. Consequently, the update had some side effects that took 3 months for the techs to troubleshoot and offer resolution.

Good luck. They'll eventually get better as they get more issues resolved.