Faint moan/groan when turning at low speed, usually under power

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Nov 10, 2018
Anyone else? Seems to be coming from the drivetrain, usually at pretty low speed, like in a parking garage. Doesn't seem to happen as much when off power, but still sometimes. Isn't suspension.

It's been like this for awhile. Last year the dealer tech said 'that's just how the Egolfs are'. This year a different tech claimed at first he couldn't hear it, then he finally could, tightened up who knows what and said maybe it's fixed now, let us know. Changed nothing.

It's not that big a deal, but annoying. Otherwise, one of the nicest cars I've ever owned. A lightyear better than the Fiat 500E that was my first EV (yet I miss that car, it was teeny and spunky). The Egolf will do just fine till the ID4 prices come down.

Mine does this too. I was told by my mechanic, after he drove it, that it was simply the tyres having a different angle on the road. My winter tyres does not do it; so I believe him.
I think I have this too. I’ve had the car for 2 years and only noticed it for the first time when on hard lock in a car park a few months ago. Now doing it on less tight turns. I assumed it was the wheel bearings.
So after three separate service visits and a phone call to VW (the call was pointless), VW is replacing my electric motor under drivetrain warranty. A special EV tech was brought in, finally. And another special EV person has to monitor the installation, whenever that motor arrives. Might be awhile, is my feeling.

Strangely, the noise has now gone away. They gave me back the car until the backordered motor comes in. I notified my service advisor, but she says shavings were found in the transaxle fluid, VW will still replace the whole thing, I guess.

So here we are, until parts arrive.