Build Thread: Performance e-Golf

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I went with General Gmax AS-05 in 225/50/16 to match the stock 205/55 diameter. About $300 for the whole set including the current rebate, and reviews seem very positive. Supposed to be delivered tomorrow.
Jerkstore said:
I will probably add some VW center caps, but very happy with this setup.

Did you happen to weight the wheels before you mounted General Gmax AS-05?
Typically, there's a discrepancy with an advertised weight
Could you snap a picture to show the wheel gap on front and rear?
I was not able to weigh the wheels as they were purchased with the tires mounted. I also noticed that the wheel weight listed on discount tire's site and konig's site were not the same. Lifting the stock wheels back to back with the new ones, they felt very similar in total weight.
Got those H&R springs on order, would love to hear your install suggestions. Did you use the "2x4" method?
I tried using the 2x4 method, but couldn't seem to get it to work. If the 2x4 isn't perfectly vertical, the jack will wander away and push laterally making it tough to get the strut out. I messed around with different ways and different pieces of wood, and started worrying about breaking something. I eventually just unbolted the output shafts, which only took 5-10 minutes. I had enough extensions and the triple square bit needed, wish I had used this method from the start. Once the front axle shafts are loose, it's pretty easy to pull the knuckle free from the strut.
I put wheel spacers on my e-golf. 12mm front, 15mm rear to get them flush with the bodywork. Stance is way better and gets rid of the sucked-in tippy toes look. As the wheels now properly fill the fenders, it also makes the wheels appear bigger. It now looks more like the image of the car in the infotainment screen. Haha.

This, plus Michelin CrossClimate+ tires (OEM size) on the front axle has improved performance and handling considerably. Much more planted. Efficiency has also improved a good amount too which I wasn’t expecting. A combo of newer tire tech and perhaps marginally improved aero from the wheels being more flush with the bodywork is the only explanation I can think of.

Either way, I’m pleased with the performance improvements these simple mods seem to have liberated.




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I haven't been able to read thru all of the posts yet - I just stumbled on this thread - I just got my 2019 eGolf about 2 months ago.
I am looking at possibly getting the EDBeleven to make some mod. One that I heard of is an improved torque curve at the start. If that is actually available on the eGolf, you would defiantly need different tires than stock. I spin the tires all the time with the standard curve.
Has anyone else used ODBeleven to make mods to improve your performance (maybe not your efficiency)?
My apologies if this has already been covered in this thread - Like I said, I haven't been able to read thru the whole thing yet.
I'm not aware of anybody using OBDEleven to improve performance of the car. I have heard that it's possible to adjust the power steering effort, but that's about it. You can use it to enable a few electrical tweaks though (using the remote to raise/lower windows, etc.).
I think you can change the throttle response which would put down more torque earlier in the pedal application, but won't increase torque overall.
I tired out the throttle response change today, can't say I notice much of a difference. Only drove for a bit, will see if I can notice with more driving.

The dynamic steering change I do highly recommend, makes the steering a bit heavier and more predictable at low speeds.
Can you please explain how you were able to make changes to torque mapping and steering feel? Thanks!
I used the Carista android app with an old ODB2 bluetooth reader I've had for years, $10 for a week pass to use the coding in the app. You can also use ODB11 or VCDS which are more capable coding tools but cost more and require custom hardware.

I also made some other changes with it: windows down/up with remote key hold, settings menu access while driving, HVAC shows fan speed in auto mode, 4 blinks convenience turn signal blinks instead of 3 (can set 5 as well), auto window up/down doesn't stop with door open. It has settings for mirror dip on reverse but I couldn't get that working right.

It's pretty straight forward to do, well worth the $10 IMHO, even though I'll probably end up dropping the $200 for VCDS eventually cause I'm a nerd.
Ok after some research the throttle position/torque mapping thing doesn't do what it seems, it's about steering mode changes so inapplicable to our eGolfs:
If anyone is interested in buying H&R springs and/or Konig Runlite wheels/tires, I’m selling mine. Located in Baltimore.
Sold my car to a dealer last week, so I put all the stock parts back on. I had too many cars for my current needs.