Full Charge Below 80 miles?

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Feb 16, 2015
Chappaqua, NY
I have had my eGolf just over 3 weeks now. It was in service for about a week and just got it back with JX1 module replaced and a software update. Since getting it, I have noticed that the battery is showing as fully charged while the mile range keeps dropping. At first when showing as fully charged, it showed a range in the low 80s, but that range has continually declined and is now showing a range of just 67 miles at a full charge. Can this be due to cold temperatures (the high here today was around 17 degrees)? The decline in range when showing fully charged has seemed to correspond to the deep freeze we are currently experiencing in the Northeast.
Same here Steve!
I took the car in for the software update a few days ago and ever since the range shown on the digital display after charging has been dropping.
This morning it was only 50 miles after a full charge... That said, the analog power gauge shows that the battery is 90% full. See here:

Interesting to note that I drove over 12 miles to work and that the analog display now shows about 75-80% and the digital range shows 49 miles...
Very confusing.
Take the estimated 90% reading * 21.1 kwh usable capacity = 19kwh available for your trip * the miles/kwh reading from your display which you can display by toggling the steering wheel right buttons. Using either the miles/kwh at the moment your driving or the average so far for the trip, how does that compare to the calculated range?

I've heard the range is an algorithm calculation based on some miles of driving history, but don't know what factors it takes into account:
1, temperature
2. past miles/kwh history for x miles?
3. mode setting
4. regen setting
5. not allow the battery to go below some threshhold eg 5%?
6. temperature and fan settings
7. number of passengers
8. Who knows what all else
To the extent driving history is changing for the current trip, eg more passengers, more hills etc, it seems the algoritm range calculation could differ significantly from what you calculate on the fly using current trip miles/kwh data