Fun experiment

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Jul 17, 2019
Wanting to test some limits of my new 2019 SE, I drove from my house at 5,238 ft. to 12,183, an obvious gain of 6,945 ft. Temperature during the 1 hr 50 minute/63 mile trip varied from 84 to 47 degrees. I was alone and did not need to use AC. I began the trip at 100% charge with the GOM showing 208 miles. By the time I reached maximum altitude, the GOM showed 47 miles remaining and just slightly under 1/2 charge on the "fuel" gauge. Average mi/kWh was 3.4. The battery level display showed 5 bars, so not sure whether the bar display or fuel display is the more accurate one.

Returning home was awesome! Almost zero use of the brakes and so silent and smooth. Really delightful driving both directions. I finished the round trip with 128 miles (including a 2 mile side trip). The GOM showed 77 miles remaining. Battery level was 4 bars, fuel gauge was 3/8+, and average mi/kWh was 6.2.

Hope others find this useful and/or interesting at least.
Average speed was 33 mph. I'm so impressed with this car! I wish I had a better handle on state of charge at any given time, but I guess the best we're given is the combination of the bar illustration and the "fuel" meter.