Garage door opener?

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Jan 1, 2015
San Jose, CA
One thing that I realized after taking my car home is that there is no set of "homelink" buttons (i.e., programmable garage door buttons). This is not a huge deal (especially since I rarely park in my garage!), but I found it odd since I thought this was pretty much standard on most cars lately... and certainly on a pretty well loaded electric car! Anyway, does anyone know if this is a dealer installable option?
I too find it very sad that VW opted to commit homelink from the US e-Golf. (don't get me started on the other things they left out).

I'm contemplating going the smart phone route of an internet connected garage door opener to work around this issue.
If you find a good solution, please post it! I have found that most smart phone apps like that have a noticeable load lag time which is frustrating when you just want to get into your garage and don't want to wait 30 seconds for the app to load and to connect and to open the door!

(I didn't post this originally, but I remember how impressed I was when I first saw the Tesla feature that knew you were close to home and automatically brought up the "garage door buttons" on the screen. A feature which seems very possible given the VW e-Golf hardware... but obviously Tesla is playing in a different ballgame :) )
I used a relay and a Raspberry Pi/webserver for my garage door and it is super fast to open from my smart phone.
I'm just using the remote that came with my opener- the one that clips on the visor. It's not perfect, but it works well.

I do have an app on my phone that can be used to open and close the garage door, but as svento said, there is a pretty good delay between the request to open the door, and the actual opening of the door. I may play around with something like I haven't experimented much with it, but it's my understanding that you can use geofencing to trigger actions. i.e. when the car comes within 100m of the garage, open the door. Maybe I'll play with it one day, but for now the clicker works fine.
I had geo-fenced IFTT to turn on the porch lights and it worked pretty well. The only problem for lighting is that there's no AND function in IFTTT so I couldn't have it trigger only after a certain time. You can have time based triggers, you can have geo-fenced triggers but I couldn't see a way to chain them together.
Unfortunately this is not e-Golf specific. In some reason they don't use it in Golfs (at least till 2014).

I saw very interesting solution - find Euro link button, buy used remote, sync it with your remote, put it underneath that plate and it looks pretty awesome, like OEM. This is for previous version but I bet it can be done with e-Golf. Those buttons pretty expensive, that stops me from doing it.
Very easy solution to close this 6-year old thread. You can buy a auto dimming with Homelink mirror. Genuine VW part. Plenty of Youtube videos on how to install too. Give them a call to find out which one you need, depending on how your vehicle is equipped.
i found a hack online using my chamberlin garage door opener app and iphone shortcuts. so now i just have to ask Siri to "open my garage" door. there's a slight delay, but not too bad at all. i'm sure you can find the same if you are interested. search your specific garage door and "iphone shortcuts".