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RayR said:
I'm in the Portland area, and bought my new 2019 e-Golf SE today from Armstrong VW. I got a white one with the driver assist package.
I paid $21,990 plus .5% Oregon new car tax ($110) plus title and registration fees.
The low price was based on financing through VW Credit at 4.9% (I have a tier 1 credit rating).

With the federal tax credit ($7500) and the Oregon rebate ($2500 new car + $2500 charge ahead), my out of pocket will be less than $10k for a NEW ELECTRIC CAR!

The sales guy, Craig Hanley, said he'd do his best to get the same deal for anyone else interested. They still have a few left in stock. I don't know how long any of their incentives will last. They seem to change month to month.

Thanks for sharing. I've had a heck of a hard time getting a straight answer from any dealer. The second they find out I'm from out of state (Arkansas) they assume I'm wasting their time and they suddenly barely even know what an eGolf is. Hopefully having a name of a sales person will help. Do you know if there's any issue with them selling out of state?
just came back to say, I didn't have any issues getting title and registration for my e-golf in PDX. I purchased and had it shipped from out of state. I paid the use tax online ahead of time, and was in and out of the DMV with my plates and stickers in hand in about an hour (after waiting 30min before opening). I know others reported issues (every situation is different) so just wanted to share my experience for anyone considering out of state.
Wanted to add my experience in purchasing '19 SE w/DAP in the Washington DC area. Ourisman Volvo/VW in Bethesda: 22,300 OTD + MD tax/title/tag. Was required to take VW financing to get this price but will pay-off with 1st payment. Lease deals were being written at similar pricing. Be vigilant with the finance people who stuck an extended warranty into the deal. Had to go back to dealer post delivery to get it removed. Ourisman has 130 or so e-Golfs in stock. My car had been in their inventory since January. Ourisman has at least 3 other VW stores in MD, but I do not know if this deal is available at the other outlets. Even with the hassle over the unwanted extended warranty, still intend to give them high marks in the satisfaction survey. Good luck!
Smalbany said:
Wanted to add my experience in purchasing '19 SE w/DAP in the Washington DC area. Ourisman Volvo/VW in Bethesda: 22,300 OTD + MD tax/title/tag.
Thanks for the info. That's $800 under their best advertised price.
All of these huge discounts are making me envious. Here in Canada, full price, around $39kCDN for an SE or an additional $5k for the SEL. No discounts offered. No stock in the entire country, and several months wait for an order. New arrivals will now be 2020 model year. Rebates are $5k federal and $3k in my province of BC, which more or less equals the sales tax of 12%. Sheesh.