Hatch door stuck

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Jan 6, 2022
I can hear the release mechanism work when lifting the VW logo. But door stays latched. This only happens when the sun has been shining directly onto the hatch door. :roll: Anyone have this and what's the dealer say is the fix? Just an adjustment, or high cost part and labor?

I did figure out after hear the mechanism moving, push down on door with the VW logo, and you hear a click. Now door is halfway released so another pull on the logo does open the door. Weird.
My e golf is having the same issue. I can’t even unlatch from the inside. I’m going to try you way. The dealership think it’s the latch and quoted 350-400$ to repair.
Come on folks, to be clear, this is about lifting by logo. The fob isn't involved.
So, why isn't this forum locating anyone else with this? I found others on youtube showing how to replace the electronic latch mechanism. But I don't know if I need one.
I found by putting a rod into latch while hatch is open and mimicking what happens when door is closed I can duplicate the problem by pulling hard against mechanism and lifting the logo.
So it's either a defective mechanism or the latch is adjusted to far in and making hatch pulled in too tight against weatherstripping. I figured out how to pull up on trim part along bottom of hatch opening to see the latch.
It doesn't' look adjustable. :?:
I tried attaching image but upon clicking the mountain icon here in editor, it only inserts code, hummmm.
maybe from local file on computer:
Not experienced this.

Have any damage on the rear hatch?

Maybe you can adjust hatch bumpers if you think hatch is closing too tightly?
miamor said:
Come on folks, to be clear, this is about lifting by logo. The fob isn't involved.

The latch mechanism works only when the car is unlocked, so a weak battery in the key fob may prevent unlocking to occur when approaching a locked car. Hence, the latch doesn't catch. This happened to me. A new battery made this issue go away.

Thinking more broadly, since your e-Golf is really a Golf MkVII, you may want to search the ICE forums for possible solutions.
I have the same issue after 6 month into buying this car. Mine is a 2018SEL. I tried to open the trunk but I get the noise like something is suppose to happen but it doesn’t open. I tried using the emergency latch in the inside but I can’t open the thing. I’m gonna open this trunk somehow because the dealer want 450 to switch the latch component. NOTE, I’m pretty short so I can lay in my trunk space which I do in between classes with the ac blasting. But now my ac won’t blow cold air. 😔. I haven’t opened my trunk since Easter’s 2022