Rear passenger door won't lock

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Dec 22, 2014
Haddonfield, NJ
Today, driving home from work, I noticed that, every time I started from a standing position, as I accelerate through the 15 miles an hour, I would hear the clicking noise of the door locks.
That seemed unusual since it typically happens only once, after the first time you start moving, and the doors stay locked until you put it in neutral.
I also noticed that the lock symbol on the door would not be illuminated.
Unlocking with the button I would hear the normal clicking noise but when I try to lock it, it would give me a double-click and the lock would still not be illuminated. This is with both the key fob and the door button.
I figured it was a glitch and, after letting the car sit for a few minutes after turning it off, it would be resetting to its normal behavior.
After charging it for an hour so I drove it again and the behavior continued.
To my dismay I realized that the rear passenger side door stays open irrespective of whether I lock it or not, with both key fobs or with the door handle: has this happened to anyone?
If so, how did you fix it?


UPDATE: From FB VW e-Golf group, I understand this as being an unusual occurrence. I stopped in at the VW dealer this morning and they gave me an ten days :x :evil: Still accepting suggestions on self troubleshooting, if any of you has any. Will update further when things change.
Don't even try to mess with it yourself. Best solution is what you're doing now...take it to the dealer. However, I would press them for a quicker appointment date. This is a safety issue that they should jump on to fix...particularly in light of recent negative PR.
After getting a new appointment on Monday, they did find the latch was broken and replaced it the following day since they didn't stock that part.

What surprised me, when I asked them if there was any software update, is the fact that they claim there was none. Please note i picked up my car in December 2014, prior to the updates that are reported in this forum.

Glad I can lock the car properly again.
Get the TSB number of of here, and present be hem to the service writer and ask them to llok them up and apply them. Also, don't be surprised if you get Caren't and have to disconnect the 12 V battery under the hood to do a hard reset for everything to work after the up dates. A lot of dash lights will come on until ypu teach 10 to 12 mph, then dash lights should all go out.
Hmm, I'm not too sure the headache you're warning me about is worth the improvements from the software.
I need to double check what was improved with the SB and, if that's limited to delay charging, I'll forego the whole thing.
Let me research again a bit more about it, I recall the last time I looked up the benefits it made me decide to let it go.
Thank you though.