Headlights for 2019 eGolf SE

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Apr 5, 2022
Hi all. First time poster. I hope I’m writing this in the right place.

I’m in a bit of a pickle. Got hit in a accident. The shop is trying to complete repairs but can’t because there’s a headlight shortage. Specifically, part no. 5gm941005e (driver side/left). I called my dealership and VW itself had only one in stock nationwide (u.s.) and is likely already claimed. The shortage is so bad that the absolute best estimate for availability is 2 - 4 weeks. Insurance ran out on my rental so it’s out of pocket now, on top of gas, which I can’t afford. Another month—at best—is going to really mess me up lol.

I’m reaching out to different communities to see if someone has a set. Perhaps left over from swapping SE lamps for SLE ones? Or ones they haven’t installed yet. Perhaps you know of a place I can contact? Really, anything would be helpful.
How about aftermarket parts until you get the OEM one?

Check out VW parts sellers like Deutsche parts, fcp euro, ecs tuning, etc.?
Also, try eBay, e.g., https://www.ebay.com/itm/175203301183?epid=13016588836&hash=item28caee373f:g:9tQAAOSwqeliMhoS
Ohh nice ideas—thank you both! I’ll show these to the shop and see if either of these options will work. Thank you 👍
Update: my shop got a hold of one and it was damaged 😡😭.

So far, the back order is across the board, vendor-wise. From salvage to aftermarket. Places say online that they have it but when calling, it’s not available. Others I’ve seen are sold damaged so can’t be used.

I’m going to keep my request for private party purchase open. Please, if you do have a set in good condition, could you post here or dm me?