Heating/AC issue (Software related)

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Dec 8, 2021
Hi All. I have a 2016 e-Golf. It was imported from USA in Jordan (where I reside now). I have the issue where there is no hot/cold air (although fan/air works itself). Some quick research showed me it's a known issue with related bulleting/software:

Recall: 87E7
Service Bulletin: Volkswagen TSB 87-15-04

I spoke to my local (and only) VW authorized dealer/repair/service center and since they did not import/sell any e-Golfs they do not provide software updates/electrical issues for this vehicle.

After some research online I found how to update software via a media card or CD, so I'm aware how to update the software.

My question is, where do I find this software so my HVAC works again? I can't find it online. Please if someone could advise it would be appreciated. Thanks.