How is range that shows on the display calculated?

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Jul 22, 2014
White Plains, NY
When I got home with my e-golf 5 miles from the dealer, it displayed a range of 37 miles, indicating the dealer didn't charge the car. I charged it and it showed 77 miles. I drove a few miles to get photos for insurance. and tried out my new wall charger. Now it shows 71 miles on a full charge

There's no display reading showing as a number how much of the 22.1 usable kwh of the 24.2 total kwh is left, so I'm wondering how the supposed 83 mile range mile range is computed. If the 22.1 kwh or whatever was left were to show as a number or the "fuel tank" gauge were to have numbers alongside the red marks. I would be more comfortable knowing I had a fully charged 100% capacity battery

You're right to question how the range is calculated. But I really doubt a photo of the range estimate will mean anything in terms of insurance.

Most cars calculate range based on previous rates of consumption and remaining energy in the battery / fuel tank. If the car only has a few miles on it, and they were driven hard (i.e. inefficiently), then the range estimate will be low.

Your best bet is to charge it to full and take it for a long drive. Drive how you normally would in day-to-day use. The computer will then try to figure out your range based on your actual driving patterns.

Of course, you could just use the car normally and it will figure it out eventually.
The display for battery charge status is with the speedometer on the right which gives you a better idea about the amount of energy left for use. The estimated drive range changes wildly depending no individual shorter trips you do, up the hill vs down the hill etc.

Generally I would like to question the estimated range because you will never drive it to 0 miles left. It starts impacting your speed etc at some point below 20 miles left, 18 or 15 I don't remember. In either case you get the urge to charge before relying on it at that point.

Then there is this talk about how you should keep your battery charge between 40% and 80% instead of charging to 100% and depleting it to the bottom of your comfort zone. How many miles range would be left if I adhered to that? 40 ?