Infotainment Hack?

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Dec 19, 2014
Silver Spring, MD
Has anyone heard of a way to flash the infotainment system and get some customizations? Seems like there should be a way to do this with an SD card.

Also, I hear VW is going to start supporting Apple's CarPlay in their 2016 cars.. but it'd be awesome to be able to software update the 2015 eGolf. Wishful thinking, I suppose.
Where did you hear about VW CarPlay support in 2016? I haven't seen this. Even Apple's CarPlay site specifically does not list VW. (I'm particularly interested because this would be my dream... and since I have a 2015 I would love an update, but I strongly suspect they will just use the new feature to sell 2016s).
I guess CarPlay support isn't official yet, but here's the article I was referencing:
In case you didn't see the announcement today:

It sounds like CarPlay will be supported with MIB II (I am pretty sure the 2015 e-Golf is MIB). I suppose a tiny bit of good news is the form factor looks identical, so maybe it would be an easy (albeit probably expensive) hardware swap? We'll find out later this year.
Wow, looks like a lot of awesome features being added.. I wonder if this is for 2016 or later.

  • Self-parallel parking
  • Inductive charging (I wonder how long that takes)
  • CarPlay / Android Auto
  • Auto-parking in driveway/garage (this is convenient, given I need to back in so the charger is on the correct side)

It does seem like some features should be available via software update, like the LED lights changing based on charge amount. That said, I guess most companies doesn't do software updates like Tesla.