Level2 Charging Grief

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May 15, 2018
For 2 years I have been charging the e-golf with a JuiceBox Pro 40 and 2 weeks ago, the e-golf only showed a solid amber upper light, which says handle is plugged in, but there is no charge present. I had JuiceBox support check the charger and said everything was fine. So I bought a new Level2 charger (yes, dumb, I should have had another EV try it, first). I installed the new one and the e-golf detected it and charges. The problem is that it ONLY works if I bypass the e-manager and charge immediately and therefore it goes to 100% unless I intervene. If I plug it in and leave it, the timer light comes on and the other light blinks to indicate it will charge later, but 2-5 minutes later, I hear the charger click and the amber upper light comes on and it won't charge via the e-manager, ever unless I unplug it and plug it back in. I am not sure if it is the e-manager or if it is the latch ? I really want to charge at specific times and not to 100%, so I am quite frustrated. I plan to take it in, but I fear they won't find anything. There are no error messages. Anyone have ideas ?
I don’t have personal experience with that particular problem but with any computer related problem, a reboot often solves the problem. I read that you hold in the volume button to reboot the infotainment system. I’d try that and then check the charge timers for the settings you want.
Thanks, you're right that does a reboot. But my result is the same. I guess it is dealer time$$$.
Did you try using the included 120 V trickle charging station?

I think a red LED indicates a latching problem. Are you sure you the e-Manger set up correctly? Maybe try resetting all of your programs and try again?
Thanks for advice. I was able to buy a smart breaker and integrate it will Alexa using a server I have. I get home plug it in and press the button to charge immediately and then look at the time to 100% on the display, and then tell Alexa to power off the breaker in ~15 to 20 minutes before that time. Inconvenient for sure, but the real challenge is to get my wife to do it. She says, 'get rid of it and buy a C Class'. Not helpful.