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Dec 11, 2016
Hi all,

I am trying to figure out the best way to evaluate the lease offers from several dealers with same SE model w/o fast charging . One dealership offers no down payment and security deposit, another one offers $2345 due at signing with several mileage options. The cost per mile varies from $0.25 to $0.30 per mile for the life of the lease (3 year) excludes tax,license and fees. Could current lessees provide their $/mile for comparison? All responses and feedback are appreciated.

Thank you.
jetavana said:
excludes tax,license and fees

The problem here is finance fees will vary based on cash down and mileage (since mileage affects residual value). So you do need to take them in to account when doing comparisons. My 2016 SE was $1500 cash down + $50 x 24 months divided by 15000 miles so that's $0.18/mile. I had $1800 in fees so my due at signing was around $3300, making it $0.30/mile. This is in line with current offers from Sunnyvale VW and Capital VW. However, I missed out on California $2500 rebate.

Dealers seem to be advertising Due at Signing fees so it's probably easier to shop off that number anyway.
I got a 2016 SE in January 2016. The best deal I could get at that moment was relatively expensive compared to what I've seen before and after.

My deal is $0.2585/mile for 10k miles including all taxes and fees, not including the California rebate. With the California rebate it is $0.1985/mile.