My limited experience with Michelin Pilot A/S 3+ tires

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Jul 21, 2019
Summary: If you want more stick and will accept a small drop in range and a substantial firming up of the ride, these are good tires. Unfortunately, I've only driven in warm, dry conditions. Previous tires were stock Ecopias, 2K miles. New tires are the stock size (2019 SE with DAP).

The Pilots spin much less frequently on takeoff, including when the wheels are turned. The car is definitely more fun to drive in the twisties. No appreciable increase in noise. Road imperfections are more transmitted, less damped; on the way home from the installer, I thought "kinda glad I didn't get larger wheels/lower profile tires". To me, the car still has a remarkably compliant ride over bumps. Sorry I can't compare it to a GTi.

I did one crude range test, driving 56 freeway miles on the same route in the same conditions as run a few days earlier. Holding 55-60 mph. The new tires did 8% worse, but I emphasize that I don't have much confidence in my ability to read the battery gauge consistently, or to drive exactly the same way twice.
I did the AS3 on GTI sized wheels. 15% range penalty, but amazing handling and braking... a little more road noise too.
I also put these same tires in my 2017. I chose the 225/50 size on the stock wheels. No problems with fit. I've had nothing by great results, albeit with some decrease in range. I haven't tried to quantify the loss since the weather has been all over the place here. But the handling is SO much better - the tires almost never slip, even in wet weather (unless flooring it). I haven't noticed any increased road noise. Fantastic upgrade.