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2016 e-Golf has Bridgestone Ecopia which I don't like...seem to be intended to only drive on perfectly dry roads so not ideal for New England. I don't drive the e-Golf during bad winter weather, but would like something that's better in rain at least. Recommendations?
The Bridgestone Ecopia 422's on my 2019 e-Golf only lasted 30K miles. This is probably due to my lead foot, the more powerful 100kW (135hp) motor and the heavier battery (36kW). The tires performed well for me. I want to point out that the recommended air pressure is 41psi and the OEM tires have a max rating of 51psi. I tried every local tire place including the VW dealer to get tires rated at 51psi. All I could find are tires rated for 44psi or even worse 35psi!! This something you need to consider when getting new tires. I finally found the correct OEM tires at Tire Rack and had them mounted at America's tire.
I just changed out my original set of Ecopia 422 Plus tires at 60,000 miles, and while they had some fine cracks in the rubber, there was still enough tread to go another 10,000 miles. I replaced them with the same tire, and my car drives so much smoother now. Handling is great in the dry and rain - no snow testing on the past set and I doubt this set will ever see snow, either.
I recently replaced the OEM tires in time for this Winter. I went with Sailun’s ERANGE EV tires (they are low rolling resistance tires) for our Winter weather conditions (rainy season) and the particulars of the 2015 SEL eGOLF. So far, I’ve been very happy with the handling and the relative battery savings on the commute (36 miles in total).
I changed out my Ecopias for some Conti procontact and have noticed a huge improvement in handling and no more wheel spin. I went with these based on one of highest scores of Low Rolling Resistance from consumer reports. I did see a hit in my range but it that was my choice for going with a GTI size rim and tire. Even still I shaved a pound in weight off each rim and tire combo.

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