October best month so far in 2015 for US e-Golf - 596 sold

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Jan 31, 2015
PNW, 2015 eGolf SEL
From insideevs.com October 2015 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card:

Volkswagen e-Golf: When the dieselgate scandal hit, it raised a lot of questions for the future of the VW Group. Would diesels be wound down? Would the EV program be pulled back? How would consumer sales be affected.

For EVs, VW’s emission problems were a blessing in disguise. VW quickly, and more closely, embraced the technology during the month…and put lots of deep discounts on all its models to try and prop up sales/offset the bad press.

For the e-Golf, a record 596 were sold…which amusingly was a 596,000% increase over the 1 sold a year ago. Overall the VW brand was up .24% during the month – so without the plug-in Golf, sales would have declined in the US.

Previously in September, VW sold 343 emission free Golfs.

Looking at the strong European sales, and the amount of EVs VW is selling from such a limited inventory in the US, the company has served notice that they won’t be relegated to the small volume compliance category of EV sales.

Adding to the demand in the US, the company introduced a new, less expensive SE trim level which is arriving now. The new trim level brings the base starting price of the e-Golf down to $29,815.

How high could sales go? Still fairly hard to say without a deeper inventory allocation, but the 500+ per month level ‘in season’ doesn’t seem hard to fathom today – at least when (and if) inventory levels get high enough to support that many sales.

Heading into November, national inventory of the e-Golf sat at around 600 copies.

The e-Golf has been rated at 83 miles by the EPA and carries a 24.2 kWh LEAF-like battery.
VW e-golfs aren't for everybody, but that goes without saying for the whole brand and lineup. But for people that appreciate the way german cars drive, compared to japanese cars that mostly feel like appliances, it's understandable. I feel perfectly set up for city driving with the e-Golf I bought in October, and the TDI's for anything out of range of a battery charge. They compliment each other well.

The 2015 e-Golf SEL, I've had exactly 4 weeks, to the day, this evening. And it has grown on me, quite nicely. I am surprised how sprightly it feels on Laurel Canyon Drive over Hollywood Hills here in Los Angeles, going from the Valley to the City of Los Angeles. Simply awesome.