Our e-Golf lease terms in Northern California

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Nov 25, 2014
Hey all, I posted this as a response to someone else in a different topic, but I realized that it would be helpful as its own topic. People have been reporting leasing for various prices, but as of now, I can confirm that VW is leasing the e-Golf for $299/month and $2349 due at signing. However, the actual payments are a little higher than we expected and when you break down the fees and taxes, it becomes clearer. Of particular note is that the total cap reduction is taxed as seen below.

Here's the breakdown so that you guys know what to expect:

For the amount due at signing:
cap cost reduction: $10,307.96
reg fees: $316
CA tire fee: $8.75
Electronic veh reg: $29.00
cap reduction tax: $824.64

subtotal: $11849.00
Federal rebate: - $7500
VW rebate: - $2000
**amount we paid in cash: $2349.00**

For monthly payments:
Vehicle price: $36,123.53
adjusted cap cost (after cap reduction above): $26,520.57
residual value: $14,506.00

depreciation; $12,014.57
rent charge: $73.87
total base payments: $12,088.44
divide by 36 payments...
base per month: $335.79
sales tax (8.0% for us): $26.86
**monthly payment: $362.65**

The annual allotment of mileage is 10k miles/year. Miles over 30k at the end incur a $0.20/mile charge, but in about 14 months or so, we're expecting a call from VW in case we want to add miles at something like $0.12/mile (but don't quote me). Lastly, there is a fee for when you hand the car back at the end of the lease (assuming you don't exercise your purchase option) which I think is $350.

Hope this helps!


On behalf of everyone. Thank you for posting this. It is most helpful. Funny thing is many dealers seem to be moving these so fast. They come in and are gone in a day or less. But getting pricing seems hard when the deal - as you put it - should be pretty simple given the national base numbers. Rumor is that many dealers are marking up. :evil: :evil: :evil:

The deal should be the $2000 + tax on cap reduction + DMV + CA Tire + Doc fees + EV sticker fee
Then $299 + tax of your county = monthly payment.

I was pleasantly surprised by the test drive of this car - got it up to 75 - very smooth - and quicker than I thought. Very comfortable - I am a big guy and the person who test drove it before me was at least 6'4".. very roomy for the driver and passenger. After that, not so much.

Fit and finish is commendable. AM radio no less (KNBR). The last step is to see if I can get a dealer to give me pricing so I can compare against the other quotes I have for other EVs. So I will try to get some of those this weekend.

I bet you are enjoying the car. Again, thanks for providing the details.

- Aoba
Here in NY e-Golfs don't seem to be selling. Except for one, the same 9 cars in my area have been listed on cars.com since early November. Also, cars.com shows 19 of the 162 listed below MSRP, as low as 34,200. I imagine many of the rest listed at 36445 MSRP will go for less.

I also got 1400 off MSRP on mine, which I pick up next Monday. Possibly in California they go for MSRP or above

Hey Cove3,

I am also looking to buy in the new york city area.

Can you tell me which dealer you went to? Was it Open Road?
What were the final terms?
299/mo 1000 down?

Please let me know,

I didn't lease. Bought it outright in White Plains. I contacted Manhattan VW as they had Urano Gray and Mohegan Lake as they had Limestone Gray but my local dealer was able to get me the color I wanted.

Use cars.com to see all the e-golfs for sale. You can filter dozens of ways. location, color, rice etc. and they'll even e-mail you when a car shows up