PSA: CAR NET shutdown MY19 and earlier

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Oct 16, 2015
I just got an email from VW about Car Net going away for MY19 and earlier due AT&T shutting down their 3G network.
I’m guessing early adopters with MY15 are SOL if they want to change charging modes etc, since it was only available on the app, not headunit.
Yes. Our 2018's carnet subscription ran out this past weekend, and when I called them, I was told I could not renew. I didn't realize how much I relied on checking the charge status until it went away!

AT&T may be forced to delay their disablement of 3G, given how many cars and other devices (not just e-Golfs) are in this same situation. But even if that comes true, not clear that CarNet will allow for renewals.
Here is an idea for the software engineers at VW. Since you've terminated the ability of our e-Golfs to speak via 3G to your servers and for us to use the (actually terrible) Car-Net app. Could you please give us an app that would allow us to check charge status, control charging, and control heating/cooling while our cars are at home and connected to a local WiFi network, like how my Roomba is controlled by my phone?
this is definitely a bummer. Can anyone verify whether traffic alerts via XM Radio will still work properly? Assuming like radio it comes via satellite broadcast not 3G cell service, right?
XM radio is one type of transmission and cellular data is another type - see no reason why turning off one would cause issues for the other one.
Verizon has decided to keep 3G going for a bit....maybe AT&T will follow suit??