Rebooting e-Golf

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Jan 5, 2016
Like a computer, is it possible to reboot an e-Golf? (Something like Ctl-Alt-Del)

Please take a look at my post:

The delayed charging feature of my car stopped working even though I did not make any changes. I am just wondering if there is a restart/reboot function in the car that may solve the

Any thought?
I'd imagine your best option for this would be to disconnect the battery and reconnect.

Also, if you're managing the delayed charging from your cellphone app, I'd also do a hard reboot on your phone first to see if that solves the problem.
I second Frank3's suggestion of "rebooting" by disconnecting the 12v battery as it powers the physical disconnection of the high voltage battery every time you turn the "ignition" off; i.e. it can be expected that, absent some third power source, all volatile memory is powered by the 12v battery.
Press lock, then unlock on the fob, then hold it to the STOP/START button, while doing so press on the brake. I had the car completely stop working at a valet, no idea how it happened as I was in the restaurant and the valet came in to tell me the car wouldn't move. After calling volkswagen and having them be absolutely worthless and doing nothing to help me and having no clue, the valet's boss came, and did that procedure, and the car power cycled, came back to life, and has been working perfectly ever since.

So one hour on the phone with volkswagen resulted in them only offering to tow the car at my expense and give me a taxi ride home at my expense, the valet's mexican boss came and fixed the car in under 30 seconds by doing that.
@ sjegolfuser, I also ran into exactly the same problem as yours. Got my 2016 e-Golf SEL from Sunnyvale VW 12 days ago. It has numerous software problems. Car-net service never kicks in for my e-golf. After registration and activation, car-net App/Web dashboard always show no data and no status for each of items. The delay charge functionality works correctly for 10 days, then it fails to work for two nights. I have tried to reboot the car computer using @shawner123's suggestion. It didn't quite work on my e-golf.

Here is the instruction to reset the factory setting. It makes the delay charge work again:

(1) Click on physical "CAR" button at the right hand side of LCD screen.
(2) Touch "Setup" icon at the right-bottom of the LCD display. It brings up "Vehicle settings" display.
(3) Vehicle settings display shows "Factory settings" at the bottom of the display. Touch it.
(4) In Factory settings menu, there are choices to reset individual setting/data. Please choose "Reset all settings and data". I have tried chosen "Reset individual setting/data->Electric driving/charging", which didn't work.
(5) Go back to e-manager and you will find the schedule/charge settings are all reset to factory values. Now you can set up new schedule again. Profit.

In the worse scenario, I would probably need to do factory reset every two weeks.
It is amazing for me to observe how terrible VW has done on software reliability/quality test for their electric car.
I suspect this factory reset trick may resolve the numerous complaints in sporadic delay charging issue topics on this forum.