Replace J1772 US socket for EU

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GTE said:
Hello everyone.

Have had troubles to access the forum for a while.

I successfully swapped 2015 US SEL Combo1 to Combo2 harness, all is compatible and bolt_on. You just need the right HV battery charge management module (BD).


I have e-golf 2015 SE with DC package included from USA. CCS1 ofcourse.

I really need to do the conversion as i do not have ccs1 chargers here, all we have is CCS2.

Can you kindly let me know the steps to do this conversion successfully?

Like what is the part number of the required CCS2 parts?

does it require programming or coding or it works fine straight away? If yes how can this be done?.

Please any information will be very helpful as i need to start using DC chargers so i can travel more often with the car.

Thank you in advance!
JoulesThief said:
njet said:
I did get it cheap and will rely on the VW for service.
I see now that I wasn't clear with the opening post: that car is already in the country and I don't import it personally :)
Plan on getting it towed to Germany to get it fixed. Just saying... technicians in Poland won't have any training fixing e-golfs with recharging or Drive train issues. We are talking about different countries, not different states in the same country of USA.

I just wanted to come back here 4 years later to report that I am yet to tow my egolf to o Germany. In fact I just got it serviced at my local dealership. After years of flawless operation I splurged on an authorized service and they found charging door lock stuck.

And I got an adapter made for $300 and it servers me flawlessly for the last few years.
Another 2 years of flawless service. Just got the reminder of this thread in the email, so though I'd update you :)