Residential Electric Rates in the US by State

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Nov 2, 2015
Santa Cruz, CA

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Except that we also have to pay "delivery" charges, so here in Massachusetts, the total cost is about 17-21¢ / kWh.
No way California retail energy price is $0.138/kWh. For example:

PG&E E-1 Residential rate: $0.19979/kWh Baseline, $0.27612/kWh 101%-400% Baseline, $0.40139/kWh 401%+ Baseline
Baseline varies by region. Most coastal areas are about 10kWh/day.

E-1 is the most common residential rate plan. The EV rate is $0.12502/kWh to $0.45389/kWh depending on season and TOU period. So, charging your car overnight is cheap, less than $0.13/kWh all year round, but your A/C and Plasma TV is very costly if you use it in the afternoon and evening.
I'm on SCE and I pay 24 peak/17 off/13 night right now.
So I pay the 13 at this moment. (I only charge at night)
miimura said:
but your A/C and Plasma TV is very costly if you use it in the afternoon and evening.

Not really on the TV. I have a 5 year old Panasonic 42" Plasma that pulls roughly 75W. LED TVs should be even less than that.

The largest power suckers in my house are the overhead projector (200W), electric furnace (300W) and dryer (5000W). Being able to run those cheaply starting at 8 or 9 rather than having to wait until 11 PM is the reason I cling to E6 even though EV-A is recommended.
forbin404 said:
Nevada must have a ton of Alternative Energy Solutions.

NV Energy is switching away from coal and increasingly towards natural gas (currently 73% of their production), geothermal, and even solar. They recently shut down an old coal-fired plant north of Vegas.
Wow, one of the big hot topics in Ontario, Canada is energy prices... doesn't look half as bad anymore...

6.5 c/kWh - Off Peak
9.5 c/kWh - Mid peak
13.2 c/kWh - On peak

My delivery rate is * 1.076... with the e-Golf combined EPA of 17.4kWh/100km my calculations show it should cost me ~$1.22(CAD)/100km or $0.956(USD)/62.1371mi

*hrmm... can't seem to post a shareable picture link... so here's the link to it I guess... * rates.JPG?dl=0