Send Complaints to VW

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Jan 26, 2015
I bought an e-Golf and it has been a series of headaches. I have been complaining to VW about my problems, and I urge anyone reading this to send your complaints. They are responding. They respond slowly, but they do respond. My technical complaints have been mainly about delayed charging, the radio, the navigation, and Car-Net in general.

From reading this forum, I see that plenty of other people are having headaches as well. I believe that if enough people send in complaints, we will get some action.

I went to the VW home page, and from there I found Contact Us (click on More in the left column). There was an email us option. I sent an email and I have gotten a response and people are trying to fix the issues. I also complained at the dealer who sold me the car.

The more people complain with real issues (e.g. delayed charging available only through Car-Net), the more likely they are to take them seriously and do something about them.
I've been emailing [email protected]
They are extremely nice and seem to truly want to help, but on the first major reply to a long list of my issues, I got what unfortunately felt like a lot of excuses. I am fine with excuses as long as my concerns made it past the customer service agent filter and to an actual engineering team. Maybe if enough people complain that will happen.
I found this email address not any more helpful than the carnet customer care number. Here is an example:

I apologize if you feel I was unhelpful.

As Customer CARE is a warranty related department, I regret I don’t have access to the same tools and resources that our Car-Net Team has. This is why I provided you with their contact information, as they are in a better position to look into your concerns further.

We want you to love everything about your e-Golf, and I’m saddened to learn of your displeasure with the Car-Net app for iOS and the Car-Net web app. I wish I was able to help you more, and I apologize I couldn’t offer you a more favorable response.

I encourage you to reach out to Car-Net at 877-820-2290, or you can also go to for further assistance. If you have any other questions for Customer CARE, please feel free to email us again.

Warm regards

i had a few attempts at talking to 877-820-2290 about the delayed charge issue, but i found the people there to be of not much help. It seems these issues need to be brought up to a higher level. Unfortunately i have yet to find an email or contact person that could help us.