setting max charge level

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Nov 30, 2017
I suspect this is a dumb question but i cannot seem to set max charge level so that the car stops charging at the level selected -- ideally 70% or 80%. The software appears geared around timers and days and a regular charge time, which i dont have. The system has a charge level setting, which suggests it would stop charging when that level is reached. The owners manual is remarkably unhelpful on this point. What am i doing wrong?? Please help me figure this out... Obviously, i could do it manually by watching the clock and keeping my phone in hand to turn off -- not ideal.
Did you try using car-net? You should be able to use it for another 2.5 years since you bought the car in November 2017.

Or you can just follow this website (tap the sliding bar to set the max charge level):
You have to set charge timers in order for the car to stop at a pre-determined level other than 100%. For 2015 models, you must do this via CarNet; 2016 and later you can do this via CarNet or via the infotainment system.

BTW there is a bit of a workaround in that via charge timers you can also set a minimum charge level. It's set to IIRC 30% by default, but you can adjust this higher; I have mine set at 60%. So no matter when I plug in, if the battery is less than 60%, it will automatically commence charging. So it's possible to set this to 80%, and the car will always charge to 80% regardless of how you set the timers.