Unlocking charger port

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Dec 21, 2019

Can anyone explain the reason that it's necessary to hit the unlock button on the car (or the remote) to unlock the charger port even when the passenger cabin is already unlocked? I certainly understand why the charger port should be locked when the car is charging at a commercial site, but don't see why I need to "unlock" the already-unlocked car after it has charged in my garage. Couldn't the charging port be designed to detect that the car is already unlocked?

Thanks for the enlightenment.
I didn't design the car, so I'm only guessing here:

1. In Europe, Type 2 is the standard and the cable is owned by the driver. Even when charging is complete, it does not makes sense to unlock the cable because nobody wants their cable stolen.
2. VW got lazy and carried over the EU logic to all markets.
3. VW does not want someone to disconnect your car in a public setting?
4. VW did not properly implement the J1772 standard and wants the plug to remain locked just in case current is still flowing?