VW lease price is $299 per month

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eGolfeGirl said:
Galpin VW

2015 e-Golf SEL Premium Blk
$1500 drive off (includes first month's payment)
$300 month + tax ($330)
12k miles a year

TRUE STORY - the sales manager at Galpin was trying really hard to close my deal so he offered to throw in "Free oil changes for 3 years." I kid you not. When I laughed at his ass and told him the car doesn't use oil he was shocked. "Really, there's no oil?" Yup. I just laughed, SMH.
And this is why, despite 4 attempts to buy a 2012 Sport TDI, a 2013 touareg sport TDI, a 2014 Passat TDI SE, and a 2015 e-Golf SEL, I have never spent a dime buying a VW from Galpin VW... not the most ethical car dealership around, for any brand, and they sell many brands.