Wallbox Pulsar Plus and eManager

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Oct 14, 2019
Does anyone here use a wallbox pulsar plus with their eGolf? I can't seem to get my car to charge using the eManager schedule. I've come out at the time I've set and there was no additional charge on my car and the climate hadn't started either. I never had a problem using the factory supplied EVSE. I have the wallbox set to charge 24/7. After I plug the charge cable in, the led on charge port is blinking green so it appears the car is ready to charge at the scheduled time. The wallbox app just says 'waiting on car demand'. I've sent an e-mail to wallbox asking for support on this issue, but thought I would see if anyone here has had this issue. Any help would be apricated.
I've never used a smart EVSE to charge my e-Golf and not had any issues with my low tech stations. Is there any way to make your station "dumb" and put it into some default mode - maybe a factory reset? Then do not use the app (disconnect it, if possible) and see if your car charges per the e-Manager schedule.