110V Charging Connector release

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May 11, 2015
Last night I plugged in the 100V charger to my eGolf but it was not connected to my wall socket. This morning I cannot get it to release even with the emergency release instructions on pg 340 of the manual. I'm about to call CarNet or my dealer but I thought I'd see if anyone has had this issue. I did try to release unplugged and also when it was plugged in. Thanks in advance.
I don't think whether it's plugged in or not makes a difference as the unlocking piece is in the car itself. I also find it frustrating at times trying to unlock the charger. My best advice is to try it with patience. Click once on the remote to unlock the car...wait 10 seconds and then click the unlock once again...hopefully that will release the charge port.
CarNet was unable to help and the dealer asked me to bring it in. It seems my key has been deactivated from trying the lock/unlock too much. Manual says it's for a "short time" so I'll try it again in a half hour. I might call CarNet back and see if they can do a remote lock & unlock.
Update: I had CarNet unlock my doors and no change. I did notice my ERC light was on and the dash said the ignition was on when I got out of the car, but obviously it was not on as I couldn't shift. Anyway I called roadside assistance and after I hung up I noticed the dash lights had gone off. I checked the charger and it came right out. I was off to a great stat this morning but those three hours of my life are now gone for good.
That's an incredibly frustrating experience! I've never had that happen, but occasionally it will take several presses of the unlock button for the charger to release. I've noticed this usually works: press unlock once, wait a 2-3 seconds then press it again. The charging light should go off and it should unlock.
I have my own garage, so I don't lock the car at night. The habit I'm in now to unplug the car is to open the rear door next to the charge port. That wakes up the car. Then press the unlock and wait for the port to unlock. Then remove the charging plug from the port. That works every time.