Change default brake recuperation level?

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Jan 1, 2015
San Jose, CA
I initially hated the high brake recuperation levels, but after driving a while I actually am starting to really like D2. Does anyone know how to change the default so that I am always in D2 when in D? I see nothing in the manual which makes me a bit worried that I will need to change the level every time I start the car!
I would also love to know how to do this.

I prefer to always drive at highest recuperation level as i like the feel better (similar to BMW i3). Always driving on "B" is probable;y not a good idea so setting the default D+ ;even would be great. I had hoped it is stored in memory with the keyfob, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Please post if you find out how to do this.

Why would it be bad to always drive in "B"? My wife and I both prefer that level of regeneration too - is there a risk of damage or excess wear from using it too much?
It would be nice to get a more "official" confirmation but my dealer technical person told me that they told them at the dealer training that "B" engages "something else in the system" and it is not recommended to drive with it all the time. According to him "B" is not just recuperation step 4 but "something else".

I too prefer the "feel" of "B" and would love to hear some official statement that recommends for or against it.

FWIW, for the 4 weeks of freeway driving in LA i have done (included 2 hills), i can't say i see a whole lot of range difference between plain "D" all the way to "B". It all seems to even out at around 4.2mls/kwh in the end, which is a number i'm quite happy with.
I always drive in B mode as well. I hope I'm not hurting anything. The salesmen said it wouldn't hurt anything but I don't think they know anything about the cars.