Charge cable locked on Fast chargers

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Mar 22, 2019

This week I was testing some new ultra fast chargers with two different egolf gen 1 and I had a problem with releasing the charger cable with both of cars. I've seen several post about this, however, I followed the solutions given and none have worked. This resulted in charger cable being stuck (several times) for more than 20 min (it seems that there is a timeout on the egolf to release the cable). Does anyone know if there is a manual way to release the locking pin of the charging port of the egolf?

In each case, the car seems to be aware that the cable is plugged in, but for some reason the charging port seems to power-off (the light indicators go off) and trying to unlock using the normal ways or the different methods found online doesn't work.

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I had this happen to me but it turned out to be because I forgot to first terminate the charge from the EVSC, unlike a level 2 charger a hight speed one requires this (mainly because the extra high current, so to be safe it must be turned off first to prevent any electrical arcing if the charge plug is removed with power still going to the car).