Charging Question (green/yellow light)

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Dec 8, 2021
I just bought my 2015 eGolf last week. It's been charging OK but sometimes instead of pulsing green while charging it pulses green-yellow-green-yellow back and forth. Seems to charge in the same amount of time, I get no errors on the screen etc. but it does make a small clicking noise while pulsing that worries me.

Any ideas what this can be? Could I have a bad charger, a bad connection, incomplete ground etc? Doesn't bother me too much but I don't want to damage the vehicle or battery if charging improperly. I've called two VW dealers and they are no help.
Try a different charging station to see if charging proceeds normally. Could be an issue with that station. Which station is the car connected to when you see the error?
I'm using the charger that came with the car. I ordered a new one to see if it gets any better......hopefully the charger is the problem. I live in an area devoid of public charging stations so it's tough to try something different without a decent drive.
You might want to have an electrician look at the electrical circuit you're plugging into. It might not be properly grounded.