e-Golf 2017 doesn't charge at wall box 1 phase 230 V 16A

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Jan 2, 2023
Since last month my 2017 VW e-Golf doesn't charge anymore at my home wall box 1 phase 230 Volt 16A charger with fixed cable and connector. (Level 2/ Type 2)
When I plug it, you hear the normal clicking sounds of the wall box and the car. Indicator goes green intermittent (as if it is charging), but it doesn't charge (I have a separate meter for the station that shows no consumption) After a minute or so new clicking as if it is trying to charge again. This happens 3 times and then the indicator goes to orange and then red.
My car charges fine with a public 11 or 22 kW charger. Also fine with the 230V Level 1/Type 1 (10A?) charger (The one you plug into a 'normal' wall socket)
My neighbor can charge his car fine with my home charging station so it looks like the charging station is fine.
What could be the issue here? Could there be a separate charging fault for 1 phase 230 Volt 16A inside the car?
I've read that resistors are used to define the type of charger connected. Could there be a fault there?
I've gone back to the dealer, but they don't seem to have the knowledge to analyze the issue and/or have never dealt with it.
But I cannot imagine that this has never happened to anyone else.
So is there any expert that can help here please? It would really help as it is driving me crazy.


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