Export trip and consumption data from Car-Net

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Nov 17, 2018
Has anyone out there figured out a way to export trip and consumption data from Car-Net to, say, a spreadsheet or some other useful file format?

I haven't seen anything obvious, and given how limited and baffling the app is (e.g. not possible to set up a notification for when your car is fully charged, but you can enable a notification for when your non-existent sunroof is open), I suspect it's not possible, but I thought I'd at least ask.
At least for US customers, when logged into the carnet.vw.com, selecting the "Trips" tab, all the data for the charts is in a hidden HTML form element, in JSON format. You can find the "view page source" in whatever browser you use, and search for "_tripstatisticsportlet_WAR_tripstatisticsportlet_tripsJson" to find the HTML form element. The data is in the value attribute, but with lots of stuff encoded as html entities (like for the space character). More straight forward is to get at it via the javascript console, where you can enter:


and press return to get the value with the HTML entity encoding resolved. The format is JSON array of objects that look like:

    "vehicleStatisticsId": "24541342",
    "dateTime": "Jan 25, 2019 at 3:53 PM PST",
    "tripDate": "Jan 25, 2019",
    "distance": 14.91,
    "averageSpeed": 29.2,
    "totalConsumption": 4.5,
    "travelTime": 31

This data contains up to 6 months of data in one big array, loaded once when you load the "Trips" tab.

My understanding is that in the US, carnet is based on Hughes Telematics systems, which was purchased by Verizon in 2012 (see https://www.verizonconnect.com/solutions/gps-car-tracking-wifi-diagnostics/). At one point I found some code for talking to a Hughes telematics API, but I'm not finding that at the moment, though I'm sure I saved the link somewhere.

I wouldn't be surprised if in other markets, Carnet implementation is completely different.
Thanks so much! Works like a charm to get the JSON and then convert it manually into Excel format. Your instructions made it easy. Much appreciated.

How hard would it have been for VW to put in a button on that page to download the data as XLSX or CSV format, btw? Car-Net has so much untapped potential...