Third Party App ("Charge App") as alternative to Car-Net for remote/scheduled charging

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Apr 9, 2021
2016 e-Golf SE owner here.

As many users on the forum seem to be experiencing, the Car-Net app has been a total fail to me - I keep getting the notification that I need to buy a plan, when in fact I'm a current and paying subscriber to Car-Net - and VW Car-Net customer support has not been very helpful.

Another user recommended the "Charge App" (on iOS here: ) and I've been finding it to work well, with a simpler and automatic interface for remote and scheduled charging (the main thing I needed Car-Net for)

The Charge app interfaces with the car via your VW Car-Net login credentials. However, I've been told by the Car-Net people that my user login will become invalid once my subscription expires. Is this true? Would this then prevent the third party Charge App from accessing the car remotely? Or is this just VW trying to get me to keep paying for a Car-Net subscription when I'm not even using the app? :cry:
My car-net access lapsed after three years of free service. I will not pay to continue the service.