Just leased a white2016 e-Golf SEL w Drivers Assistance Pack

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Jun 17, 2017
Hello. I wanted to thank everyone who contributes to this board as it played a part in my choice to lease a VW e-Golf. I wanted to add my experience to the board so that it also could provide value to anyone else who is going through the same process. I test drove a Chevy Volt in 2012 because I was intrigued with driving an EV, but the dealership didn't keep the cars charged and I ended going a different direction. This time around I was deciding between buying an off lease 2015 BMW i3 or leasing a 2016/2017 e-golf. I went to Armstrong VW in Gladstone, OR and had a very good experience. Their "e-golf specialist" was on vacation, but I felt that I had learned enough from these boards to know what was important.

I was not committed to purchasing when I went to the dealership, but was open to it if I enjoyed the driving experience of the car and felt the dealership was professional and willing to make a good deal. I was hoping to get a blue car, but the dealerships website said they did not have any available. When I arrived, I was happy to see that they had a blue e-golf SE available that still had wrapping on the seats and sides of the cars. I test drove the car, and was happy with the driving experience, but thought the steering wheel looked and felt "cheap". I then looked at the SEL Premium and appreciated the additional bells and whistles (upgraded steering wheel, faster charger, park pilot, LED lights, and the driver's assistance package) and decided to compare the offers to see how much the additional features would cost me.

The dealership had marked the SE down off MSRP by over $8k and was offering a lease of $150/month with a little over $1k down for 7500 miles for 36months. The SEL was marked down by over $9k and was $195 with the same amount down and same mileage. For $45/month I was happy to get the extra creature comforts and safety features, as I am only paying around $8k total for the car for 3 years. The residual at the end of the lease will be $12k.

So, to sum it up- the car had an MSRP of $37k, the dealership threw in $9-10k, the tax credit threw in $7.5k, and VW credit is only charging me $50 in interest over the next 3 years. I know there may be better deals, but I was happy to find an SEL with the driver's assistance package. I also thought about waiting for the new Leaf or 2017 e-Golf to be released to get a little more power and range. After weighing the pros and cons I decided that the happiness of lower monthly payment outweighed any benefit the new models would offer and am now a happy owner of a new e-golf.

I drove it to work last week and was excited every morning and evening with the tight handling and guilt free off the line torque. My commute is 11 miles each way through curvy back roads that have a max speed of 40mph and a fair amount of stop signs. The stop signs used to annoy me. Now, I enjoy them because I know the breaking is recharging my battery and that I get to fire the car off the line again. I'm having an electrician come out in 2 weeks to instal a 240V outlet and have a Clipper Creek charger on the way from amazon.

I hope this helps someone.
Thank you again to the board.
Nice! Such a Deja Vu sound to your post. Very similar experience for me with my White with tan interior 2015 SEL. Got such a great deal on buying it, I'm not too concerned about the residual. You've got the right kind of commute to fully appreciate the fine handling qualities of the e-Golf. Let us know how you feel when your lease is closer to being up.

And yes, I know you got an exceptional deal, as good as I got. If only you could have gotten the additional $2000 VW Owner Loyalty discount, but VW is no longer offering that, and hasn't for quite some time. So pat yourself on the back... I can't think of anyone here, in 2017, that has done as well as you have, price wise.

Going to go through the canyons to the beach today to cool off, with my e-Golf. Las Virgenes Canyon and Malibu beach, CA are calling. It will be a fun drive taking Mulholland Drive through the coastal mountain range to get there.

I don't know about the guilt part. It just does a great job for short hauls, getting me from point A to Point B efficiently.
Congratulations man. I'm mulling over getting an SEL too, been following it for a while. Would you mind posting your lease details?

Best I see right now is 2500 (down) + 2400 (tax, reg etc) + 89 per month for 30 months. I'm wondering if this is a good time to pull the trigger.
Congrats on the great deal. Can't beat an SEL for under $200/month, even with the $1k cash down. I always say it ultimately comes down to dealer discount off MSRP & interest rate, you did very well on both.