Lots of error - random

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Feb 13, 2019
OK, I am not sure what issue is.

About a week ago I was driving along and next thing I got loads of errors. More or less everything electrical turned off. So regen was gone and every. ABS, ACC and front assist, tyre pressure, headlight range control. All turned off mid drive.

Car still drove and I got home. Turned off car and back on. Nothing.

Then I started to get the pressure error. Said the system had failed. All the time. Then this stopped.

now every so often, random occasions I will have the same mass error against everything and the car will still drive. Turn it off and on and it will be ok again??????

Any ideas

Its a 15 model
Check the voltage at the 12V battery with the car OFF and ON and READY. These kinds of issues are usually due to problems with the 12V battery or the DC-DC converter that charges the 12V battery when the car is on.
Ok, tested the 12v battery and no issues with it....

You mention the DC-DC convertor, I guess I have to go to VW to sort this?
Since it's an intermittent problem, use your smart phone to take videos of it in failure mode, to show to the service writer, as to what the problems are, in case they can't duplicate the problem.
Curious if your random error issue was resolved and what was the solution?

I have a 2019 e-Golf that started doing the same thing. So far the dealer has replaced the right rear tire speed sensor, hub bearing and ABS module.

Thanks, Matt
Issue has not been resolved. Waiting to hear from VW what the next step is. Was looking for some insight from anyone who may have also had the same problem.
If “everything” has an error, could it be a bad main computer or maybe a bad ground connection of the main computer?

Did the dealer give you a loaner? Do you live somewhere very cold in the winter? Is this an issue that showed up during a cold snap?
It's five errors, the same ones each time. ABS, Hill start, Front assist, TPS and Electrical system. The errors randomly pop up. Sometimes when I turn the car on, other times while I'm driving. Sometimes turning the car off then back on clears them but not all the time.

Similar to the person who started this tread, regen is no longer active and you can't change driving modes, Normal, Eco, Eco plus.

As for weather I live in Arizona an haven't had any issues in summer or winter and yes they offered a loaner but I choose to use my second vehicle instead.
I'm glad they offered you a loaner.

Ok, so cold snap was probably not the cause.

It sounds like the dealer is on the right track - other than the general "electrical system" error, all the other ones are related to ABS and wheel speed, I believe. Maybe they need to replace the wheel sensors for all wheels (maybe hubs, too) - could be there is a lose or damaged sensor wire? I would imagine they chose the right rear because of a diagnostic, so it seems odd the work didn't fix the issue. Best of luck.
A bit delayed in following up on the random error messages ( I have had the car back for a month now ) but wanted to pass on some info on what caused it in case anyone else has the same or similar issue.

To recap - the car would randomly display the same five error messages. By random I mean they would occur when turning on the car, while driving or sometimes when a door was opened or closed or going over a speed bump. Turning the car off then back on sometimes worked and sometimes they would just go away.

Error messages were-
-Front assist not available
-Error: Tire pressure monitoring system
-Error: ABS
-Error: Hill assist
-Error: Electrical system

V.W. was not able to pin point the issue so they recommended replace the following parts to try and fix it.

- Right rear ABS sensor
- Right rear hub bearing. Apparently this sends a signal to the ABS sensor for speed.
- ABS module

When none of those worked, they recommended bypassing the passenger side wiring harness for the ABS sensor. This required the tech at the dealer to manufacture a wiring harness overlay. Once the tech had made the harness and began installing it he found a pinched wire under the panel of the passenger side rear door. This pinched wire was causing the system to freak out whenever it touched the metal frame which would explain why the error messages would randomly occur when the door was opened or closed or any motion that would cause the pinched wire to shift and touch the frame.

Hopefully this info will be helpful in the event someone else has a similar issue.

I would like to thank you for posting about your issues with the wiring pinched by the panels under the car creating all the warning lights. My wife is driving a 2016 e-golf and it started experiencing the same issues. I replaced the 12v battery it did not want to stay charged (it was the original) that did not resolve the issues. Like you explained my symptoms come and go, I have not had the diagnostic codes pulled yet that will be my next step. I was curious where exactly the pinched abs wire were and did they repair the original loom or use the new jumper wire. Thanks!


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