Please POLL - Have you turned off ENGINE in motion?

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Sep 28, 2016
I can't make a poll here since am a new user but here is a link to my poll at VW Vortex which is my previously familiar VW forum as a long time owner of the brand so if you would be so kind as to respond at the below link or moderators please duplicate the poll since I do not have permissions and consider this safety issue important.

This is also regarding the same issue identified in the very important thread I found in Technical started on 10/23/15 by Gordy who might be able to start a Poll there since this thread has been provided to VW and NHTSA. I contributed to this old thread this week since the same thing happened to me but there is one jackass who says RTFM which entirely misses the point.

VW has been notified and a NHTSA complaint was filed.

I expect a Service Bulletin or possible Recall for this issue which is an easy fix to lockout the START ENGINE STOP button while driving. The press twice with display warning is not a sufficient Risk Mitigation since have done this twice in my first 200 miles while attempting to switch MODE and yes is User Error but to error is human and how people get hurt with faulty design of User Interface controls that are supposed to anticipate mistakes such as I made as a new User, i.e. Driver.

I'm no longer concerned for my own safety since have learned from my mistake, but am now concerned for friends/spouses/children/coworkers/relatives of other VW eGolf owners that may borrow this car model who have not read the manual which nicely states the obvious to not mess with controls while driving but misses the point when one might have "Range Anxiety" due to distance to destination and might want to change MODE while driving and mistakenly turn off the car instead.

Please note that am a VW/Audi/Porsche enthusiast and not trying to cause trouble but instead the reverse since is an easy software fix, but this is a serious potential safety problem and my german car historical lineage ranges from the following:

Obtained drivers license in my parents 77 Scirocco, 1st car 78 Rabbit, 2nd car 89 Jetta GLI which was converted to full blown track/race car (sold and probably in Mexico as a Rally car last I heard), 3rd car 86 Porsche 944 (backed into by an idiotic housewife in a giant SUV in a parking lot), 4th car 01 Audi S4 (sadly sold last month), 5th car 03 Porsche 911 C4S (my +80 miles range car), and now 6th car in the VW family is this 16 VW eGolf leased last weekend.
I have seen many cars with IC engines that have a "start/stop" button. To name a few: lots of BMW models, Infiniti models, Aston Martins, Toyotas, Audis, etc. I think this is a pretty common feature. It's a feature that's been around since the late 2000's, I believe. What do all the other car companies do to present engine shut off at highway speeds?

Consumer Reports comments on this (in 2010):

Is the e-Golf so much dangerous than these other vehicles or are the drivers just not used to it?

Don't get me wrong - I like the key in ignition much better than the button, but I don't think that system is coming back so fast. In any case, even that system can fail if designed incorrectly (remember the GM ignition scandal?)
I attribute it to a New Owner Operator, and that familiarity with the brand breeds contempt. Add in Failure to Read the Owner/Operators Manual before operating.



OP is trying to obfuscate that he tried to operate the Mode button while in motion, (manual says don't do that) and inadvertently pushed the ON/OFF switch by accident.

Follow this simple basic instruction

Unless in an absolute emergency with sudden acceleration DO NOT OPERATE THE ON OFF BUTTON WHILE IN MOTION

Here is a thread of owners who failed, upon getting their new to them e-Golf, to read their Owners/Operators manual, and what can happen when you try to operate these switches while in motion, which said manual warns you not to do.

Please, always read the Owners manual and become familiar with functions before attempting to operate the function inside the car. Don't assume you know what the German engineers were thinking when they designed the feature, especially if coming from other VW's or other electric cars.

You can operate the "Mode" function safely from your infotainment center, without worry of then turning your vehicle off. Still,follow the Owners manuals suggestion to not activate while in motion.


An intelligent driver can obtain all of these "modes" without ever touching the buttons or icons on the screen, by reading the the owners manual, and driving in a manner that replicates what the different modes incorporate or program in. By slowing down, by turning off accessories, and by conserving momentum. The mode forces the discipline upon you. You can do it yourself without force, if you work on YOURSELF developing better economical driving habits.