Purchasing an eGolf in Massachusetts

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Feb 3, 2020
I live in eastern Massachusetts and have around a 50 mile round trip commute to just outside of Worcester, MA with a mix of interstate and backroads. There are (2) other options for my commute that make it a 44-46 miles round trip. Much of my driving during the week days is my commute and on the weekends running errands locally, mountain biking with in a 40-50 mile radius and XC skiing in southern New Hampshire which is 80 miles round trip in the winter. It is during the summer months when I travel to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine when I will need to use either Electrify America or EVgo. Much of those trips I stay at least one night, so fast charging is not always required. There are local dealers that have 2019 eGolf SEL around $9k off which means after all the incentives I would be paying around $21,000 for one. My biggest concerns are the following:
1.) Short term I may need to charge using a 110 volt plug until I get a 220 volt unit installed. Would I have an issues charging overnight using a 110 extension cord? I will need clan-up my garage and have a charger installed which means 1-3 months before that would happen.

2.) Looking at both Electrify America and EVgo maps, there are much more EVgo locations near my destinations than Electrify America. Which happen to be CHAdeMO have people had good luck with EVgo Charging stations?

3.) I would like to test the eGolf in the next 2 weeks any suggestiosn on settings I should try to get a feel for the car? Or what to look for to see if the car is a good fit.

Any feedback or suggestions would be very helpful. Also, I am inerested in the ID.4 when it comes out but prefer not spending an addtional $15-20k more on a car with a bigger battery that would only be required 6-12 times a year.

Thank you.

Good deal. At 1.2 kW, 120 V charging will get you 12 kWh in 10 hours, about 30 to 40 miles of range, depending on how cold it is and how you drive. Charge for 12 hours if you can. Yes, L2 is preferable for your use case. I have had good luck with EVgo. I usually drive in Eco mode to get more range. I prefer B mode for local driving. I love the car. Enjoy if you buy!

If you are in eastern Mass the only question is whether you can get a Level 2 charger at your home. The Level 1 that comes with the car will only add about 4 miles per hour (in summer). That charger is also a back up, not intended for daily use. Get a Juicebox 40 or a Clipper Creek. You will need a duel pole breaker at 40 amp in your box. I compare it to a dryer breaker or water heater breaker.

As for travel to Maine. You are set. The CCS network for Electrify America, EVGo & ChargePoint is convenient up to Skowhegan & Farmington. Down east Maine is spotty with Level 2's mostly at Inn's for paying Guests (beware).

Being from VT, traveling here from Mass: NH is a wasteland for DC fast charging above Manchester & is YEARS before the State improves the situation. There is a strong anti EV lobby in NH where they love their diesel & their trucks... Beware that you require CCS or J-1772, not CHAdeMO. The WRJ area of VT for EVGo are CHAdeMO. It sucks, & I've complained to them to add the CCS. So you must hypermile from Manchester to make it to Bradford VT to go from CCS to CCS.

You are getting all these incentives lowering the price. Apply it toward your home infrastructure, as you will gain the most economy charging at home.

Good luck.

What Color?
salant76 said:
1.) Short term I may need to charge using a 110 volt plug until I get a 220 volt unit installed. Would I have an issues charging overnight using a 110 extension cord? I will need clan-up my garage and have a charger installed which means 1-3 months before that would happen.

The manual says not to use an extension cord but it should be fine. I've been using one intermittently for years.

Get a 12-gauge cord or thicker in as short a length as possible. 14-gauge is too light and will likely melt (remember in this case that the lower the gauge number, the thicker the cord.)

My 2016 SE had a black Delphi portable charger that got so warm the plug softened even when plugged directly into the wall, so I stopped using it. My 2019 SE came with a white Delphi charger that runs slower and stays cool to the touch even when charging all night.
Thank you Verbruggan and Cctop,

I did end up putting money down on a white SEL which will be $20k after Mass rebate and tax refund (paid $30k) and will be picking it up on Saturday (2/22). The plan is to use 110 short term until I get a Level 2 charger installed. The town I live in has (3) public level 2 chargers which is a little over 1 mile away.

My first big trip is a day trip to Windsor, VT (around 230-240 miles round trip) and looking at my options taking Rt 2 to 91 is my best option since there is options in Brattleboro, VT.


What town in VT are you from? I grew up in Hanover, NH so I know that area of VT and NH well.

Any suggestions on a Level 2 charger?

Thank you.

Get the PlugShare app on your smart phone, and learn how to plan a trip with it. it will show you all your charging options.

Did you make that trip up to Windsor? Sorry, it has been a busy March. If you haven't, I realize that there is not much north of Brattleboro DC charger. You'd basically get up to Windsor (best efficiency up Rt 5.) There is a free Level 2 at Annes Plainfield Country Store just north of there. It is on Plugshare. It is a Siemens charger. They are VERY nice there & have great dine in food.