Under Hood Tour

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Aug 31, 2019
Kirkland, WA

Since many of us aren't driving eGolf so much lately, perhaps we're passing some of our time just looking at it. I occasionally take a look under the hood, just to admire the electric motor's simplicity. We're looking here at a 2019 model, with selected parts numbered. I know what most of these things are, but I'll admit there are a few I'm not sure about. For example, what's the purpose of the cable which connects to the hood (9)? Who can identify all of them? Did I miss anything interesting?
9 is the windshield washer fluid feed.

Also you have a heat pump (the bundle of aluminum lines under the coolant bottle). Non heat pump models have a lot less tubing there.
#9 - ah yes, of course. I didn't notice that the washer ports were tucked under the hood. It looked more like an electrical cable to me. I didn't realize the tubing was associated with the heat pump. Assumed it was part of the general cooling system.
1. On board charger
2. Coolant for drive motor, power electronics, on board charger, heater core, etc. (any part that has a coolant line), but not the battery pack as the pack is passively cooled.
3. PTC heater (electric resistance heater) for the cabin. It runs when the heat pump (if your car has it) can't move enough heat from the ambient air into the coolant.
4. Power electronics, including rectifier (high voltage battery pack DC to AC converter to power drive motor), DC to DC converter (to charge 12 V battery), regen power routing, etc.
5. Drive motor (what makes the car move and provides regen braking).
6. Brake fluid reservoir.
7. Not sure.
8. Some sort of valve (not sure what 8 is really referring to).
9. windshield washer fluid line .

Great info.

I didn't realize models with heat pump also had resistance heating. I actually thought (3) was the heat pump.
Item (7) is also one of the things I'm not sure about.
Item (8) is rather hidden, but there is a device of some sort down under there.
I looked ay my car today. I think 7 is the main computer. I think 8 is the antilock brake mechanism.