Users manual, sales manual, and web site has errors

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Jul 22, 2014
White Plains, NY
<<< Per the manual the windshield wiper stalk is supposed to have a rocker switch on the end, and a reset button on the bottom, to control the trip functions too. But neither is present on my car.>>

The manual is full of errors. I sent a long email of suggestions to VW which I include below


1. The sales brochure and e-Golf web site list Limestone Gray and Urano Gray. My car is metallic, and metallic is a premium extra cost color on many cars, eg the BMW i3. Silver and the two blues are listed as metallics, and prospective buyers should know they would be getting a metallic if the choose these two grays. I don't know about White and Paarl

2. The sales brochure, web site, and 8/25 press release list 3 levels of brake regen. The users manual Page 231 lists 4 levels which I confirmed in my car. 3 D levels from side pressing the shifter, and the B position. Since the i3 only has one level, this is a competitive advantage and should be listed correctly as 4 levels.

3. There are many errors in the US e-Golfs Users Manual
(a) Figure 5 page 10 has descriptions for numbers 6-13 incorrectly assigned
(b) Figure 7 page 13 shows a pull handle emergency brake, but the car has an electric one
(c) Figure 13 page 24 shows the windshield wiper with two buttons for the display menu. These are not there as the function is now on the right side of the steering wheel
(d) Figure 31 page 60 shows a sunroof. There is no sunroof on the e-Golf nor will there ever be one due to weight and regulations on roof reinforcement
(e) Page 157 first is spelled fist
(f) Page 175 shows a compact spare wheel. The e-Golf has no spare tire.
(g) Page 205 shows a storage compartment under the driver seat. The e-Golf has no such storage
(h) Figure 120 page 217 shows an ignition switch. The e-Golf has no ignition switch
(i) Page 251 speaks about 98% charging level. There is no number on any of the displays, only red lines on the fuel gauge as to what percent of the 21.1 usable kwh hours the car is charged at.
(j) Page 253 Charge level display section description is missing the word When
(k) Figure 134 page 256 shows the DC charge cap but does not show a connecting strap. The instructions say to remove the cap and place it on the flap, but the strap negates having to do this
(l) Figure 134 page 256 shows buttons 1 & 2 but doesn't describe these until page 261 and even then it's unclear whether its the control module or the vehicle which is referenced and it's not clear button 1 doesn't have to be pressed to start the charge process
(m) Figure 141 page 270 shows two buttons on the turn signal level for cruise control. These are not there as the function is now on the left side of the steering wheel.
(n) Figure 168 page 340 shows a tool kit. There is no tool kit on the e-Golf
(o) I feel a much expanded description of how the range number is calculated would help allay fears. When I charged at after getting it home, it shows 77 miles and after driving a few miles and recharging it shows 71 miles. There are only hints of how this is calculated and this compars to the 83 miles much featured. In addition, the battery warranty covers 70% of capacity, but there doesn't seem to be any quantitative measure of what the capacity is and what the vehicle is at when charge is finished

4. The quick start guide is helpful but limited and the users manual is complete but very complicated. The massive amount of warnings take up an enormous amount of space and while essential, make getting at the function very difficult. What I feel would be useful is something in between like a airline pilots check list. This would be a simplified numbered list that would take the new owner through each of the functions starting with unlocking the vehicle, opening the rear hatch (for example it takes a while to discover to lift up the VW emblem) There's are perhaps 75 items to learn, and hunting these down in the users manual is very difficult

It's a brilliant car, much better than the BMW i3 for which I developed a point by point comparison which I will send you under separate cover. I hope you take these suggestions in the spirit which they are offered


Ron Vlack
White Plains, NY