Vehicle Serviced - Battery Serviced, Replaced

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Aug 30, 2021
Hey Guys,

First post here. About to pull the trigger on a used 2017 SE. There's a batch of them that just came to a dealership near me. However, many of them are low mileage and seem to be showroom cars. Should I be concerned about that?

Pretty much all of them are priced around $20,500 - $21,000.

The one I like the most looks like it's been leased, but it has these two Battery Replaced and Serviced records. Screenshot attached. Link to Carfax is also in the car listing.

I'm assuming it's the 12v, but why would the 12v battery die twice in such a short span?

Is this a regular servicing?

Let me know what you think, super excited to finally get my car!


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I would not be concerned about low mileage - I bought my 2017 in 2018 (it was manufactured in November 2017), though I would be concerned if it sat a long time at 100% state of charge (probably not the case). Not sure what to make of the battery replacement - before buying I would want to see the dealer repair records for the full story. If it was the 12 V battery failing, maybe because it sat for so long unused? Also, before buying, I would want to either take it on a long test drive (~100 miles) to be able to estimate usable capacity or at least plug in OBD11 dongle and read the computer's estimated energy capacity.