What is your total mileage so far ?

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Apr 4, 2018
Sunnyvale, CA (NoCa)
I didn't find that topic.
We can write driving data here and track it.
And with some updates we can edit post instead of creating new one.

For example my data:

eGolf - 2017 SE
1800 miles - have it for 1 Month - North California

Next time I can change miles data and period or just write second line.
Any suggestions what data is good to have for a record ???
~37,200 (and climbing every day) on our 2015 SEL. We bought ours in the end of November last year and have put about 5k miles on her so far.

Curious to see the highest mile examples and how they are holding up.
over 6000 kilometres since July 2017 - usually charge it off peak on weekends - daily commute is 10 kilometres - no issues knock on wood
I'm also in "Northern" California, specifically the Bay Area. Bought my 2017 SE the last week of March and am already at 1,500 miles. Loving this car.
sokokyu said:
I'm also in "Northern" California, specifically the Bay Area. Bought my 2017 SE the last week of March and am already at 1,500 miles. Loving this car.
I'm in the same location and also bought on last week of March (March 29)
Week shy of 6 months and at 7,500 on my 2017.

Seeing 165 range when the battery is fully charged and getting that much is I don't do 100 highway driving..
Bought 10-6-15. 16,220 miles, or thereabouts. Long term average of 6.1miles/kWh. About 164 watts per mile.
21 months now, just surpassed 16,000 miles. I'll be at around 19,000 when I turn the car in so glad I bought the bump from 7500 to 10k a year.

My commute is currently 110 miles RT, thankfully only twice a week, and thankfully, there's private lot of reasonably priced chargers at work.

Off topic I have to give a shout-out to the e-Golf's handling and daytime LEDs. Coming home tonight on the 1, some jagoff decided to merge back on the highway without looking. My only option to avoid rear-ending him was to swerve out in to the opposite lane. Fortunately an oncoming driver spotted me and slid to the right, otherwise it would have been a close call. The e-Golf is not a performance car but probably handles better than anything you'll find at this price point. There was no guard rail in this section and driving a Leaf or C-max, I may have ended up as fish food.
Super low (city driver)- 2016 egolf leased Nov 2016 (1 yr 6 mo). 5,715 total miles driven. Was nervous about the 7,500 mi/year limitation when I was reading/signing paperwork, but knew I drove very little anyway ;)
Bought my '15 SEL with 7500 miles on it in June of 2016 - should hit 38000 miles this month.

Still happy every time I drive it, but I'm currently shopping for new tires as I seem to have worn the originals out :D
Bought in 2016 with 15 miles on it. We now have 37,000 on ours. Its my wife's and my favorite! (our other car is a minivan...)
Up to 44500 on my 2016 SE. Bought it last June at 29k miles, have a 40 mile round trip commute that was putting a lot of miles on it quick. Not so much anymore with office closed due to COVID-19.
Updating my previous post in this thread since someone brought it back.

Replaced the OEM tires last year with Michelin's Energy Saver and like them much better.

Just hit 63,000 miles; I still love driving the car but my range is down to ~57 miles @ 100% charge. By my calculations, I'm right around 68% remaining battery capacity . I have never, not once, fast charged the car, but I chalk up the degradation to the insane heat here in Arizona.

I'll probably try a warranty claim sometime soon. I just really want to keep this car until the Buzz hits the states (or possibly year 2 of the id.4, if I like it.)
Spektre, thank you for the update. Sorry to hear about range. You might want to perform a 100% to ~10% range test and calculate usable capacity. By my rough calculation, 70% warranty claim is 15 kWh usable capacity (but that depends what VW says is the new car usable capacity - I am assuming 21.5 kWh usable when new for your 24.2 kWh pack). What sort of efficiency do you get with the Michelin Energy Savers as compared to the Ecopias? Also, why do you like them better than Ecopias?